ITU Zone: 27CQ Zone: 14WW Loc: JO21KDSKCC#: 16381

ON1418 Special Event Stations

In light of the centennial of the first world war we are setting up a special even station in November for all the years of the duration of the Great War. Every year in November we will activate another SES callsign.

With our Special Event Stations we commemorate the first world war in Belgium, also known as the Great War 1914-1918, during which hundreds of thousands of soldiers were dedicated to defend our country. Many of them were heroes and we remember them in our prayers. Belgium was completely destroyed after the war and the first flower that grew was the poppy. Thousands and thousands grew in the area around Ypres (Ieper) West-Belgium. Hence the reason this region was given the name "Flanders Fields".

Special QSL-cards designed by ON6DSL Luc will be sent via UBA QSL-buro after each november activation. YOUR QSL IS NOT REQUIRED - WE SEND QSL TO ALL LOGGED CONTACTS! We will also upload the full log to Club Log, eQSL and LoTW. If you are not a member of any buro you may send your QSL direct, however please be aware, postage in Belgium is expensive. PSE send your QSL and SSAE together with 3 USD ($) to the club address.

Different club members operate various HF bands and modes in multiple sessions. Most of the operating sessions are supported by real-time QSL lookup functionalities. You may want to check your QSL here!


Our clubstation was QRV with callsign ON1418HRT during the month of November 2014 from our club location, a former military camp.

Edition 2014 QSL Card (ON1418HRT)

World Map of our QSO's!


Our clubstation was QRV with callsign ON1418WAR during the month of November 2015.

Edition 2015 QSL Card (ON1418WAR)

World Map of our QSO's!


Our clubstation was QRV with callsign ON1418PGWC during the month of November 2016.

Edition 2016 QSL Card (ON1418GWC)

World Map of our QSO's!

Europe Map of our QSO's!


Our clubstation will be QRV with callsign ON1418POP during the month of November 2017.

Edition 2017 QSL Card (ON1418POP)


we are planning to set up our last 1418 SES activity with ON1418END in November 2018.

posted by ON6DSL on Oct 18, 2015


Sat, 25 Nov 2017

ON1418POP Off Air!

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