ITU Zone: 27CQ Zone: 14WW Loc: JO21KDSKCC#: 16381C


HRT, Herentalse Radioamateurs Herentals, is housed in the buildings of the local red cross society situated at an old military camp "Teunenberg". You are always welcome during one of our weekly get-togethers every Friday at 20h00 local time.

UBA - HRT Clubstation ON4HRT
Rode Kruis Lokaal Afdeling Olen
Domein Teunenberg
Boerenkrijglaan 51G
B-2250 Olen, Belgium

WW Maidenhead Locator: JO21KD

CQ Zone 14 - ITU Zone 27

Position: N 51° 08' 35.8'' - E 04° 52' 18.7''

Club Frequencies: 145.475 MHz or 433.475 MHz

Club email address: on4hrt (at) on4hrt (dot) org

posted by ON3SWY on July 14, 2014


Mon, 26 Feb 2024

ON1418END Off Air!

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